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Browserling: A Cross-Browser Tester


With this web tool you can see how looks a site in different browsers and versions: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.


This tool run online, not use flash or applets. Works with HTM5 and Javascript. Has a great programing!

Most of its functions are free. But has plans with cost for increase the performance.

You can see and use Browserling on the next site: https://browserling.com/

Expects more tips on CodecWeb Tools :)


How to remove limited access from netflix

Netflix is nothing but the best medium to watching high quality movies online. With its years of existence, drastic improvements have surfaced. In that sense, the US Netflix experience has gotten better and better for every subscriber. However, there are some downsides experienced by subscribers from certain countries — Canada to be particular. So if you happen to be one of the Canadians stressing out with the limited access of Netflix in your region, then continue reading to know how to free yourself from that shell.

Why Are You Experiencing the Limits?

A lot of networks grant little to no access to netizens from certain parts of the globe. An exemplar to that would be China that uses its Great Firewall in order to permit only those within the range of their scope — Chinese people in China! Well, that is more on the magnified side of what we’re trying to say here, but that’s exactly the point. Netflix is among the sites that are considerably inconsiderate enough to not let everything out to all sorts of audiences. The people behind it are quite selfish to ensure that the best will always be in their keeping.

How Do I Break Free From the Shell?

Okay, so let’s move on to the juice of this piece. The first thing you do is visit Blockless and then follow through with the registration process. You may see there that there is a registration fee, but you are actually granted a 7-day trial for free. Just enter your email address and then create a new password and voila! You can finally enter Netflix USA no matter which part of Canada you are at right now.

What Can You Expect from Blockless?

You can expect tons of surprises. You will become excited for the fact that you can finally have full access to the 8000 plus movies available only for American subscribers, and pacified by the fact that you can finally move on with your life with no limits when it comes to digital entertainment. Add to that the fact that you can actually apply the Blockless method to any kind of device — may it be your iPad, iPhone, Android, laptop or anything compatible to the platform of Netflix.

Are there other ways around to break free?

Of course, there are. However, there is no real reason to move away from Blockless when at first try, it won’t fail you. But just in the slightest chance that it doesn’t really work for you or you are really afraid that you might get charged even though you won’t (at least not until you get past the 7 day trial), you can go with the virtual private network method. It is a way to cloak your IP or perhaps mask it with something more “American” in order for you to tread the “American” landscapes of Netflix without any issues.

Hopefully you are able to watch Netflix like an American after having read this guide. Movies are boons of quality entertainment and they will always be at your grasp through the best site in the world — Netflix! And go visit http://www.usnetflix.ca/ for more information concerning this matter.